<aside> ⚠️ WARNING: This API and the map data format are in beta, and are still changing. We will try to send out a heads up via the forum before making any breaking changes.



Generate an API key for yourself at https://gather.town/apiKeys — you’ll need it for all of the following.

Also, you must have Admin or Builder permissions on the space you’re trying to modify.

API Endpoints

<aside> ⚠️ NOTE: forward slashes in spaceId need to be replaced by backslashes (e.g. dkj63wrer8/spaceName becomes dkj63wrer8\\spaceName) (also see: ⚠️ \\ and URL encodings)


POST https://gather.town/api/v2/spaces

For creating new spaces, which always starts by copying a template space




Example (NodeJS, axios)

    sourceSpace: SPACE_ID,
    name: "my new space",
    headers: {
      apiKey: API_KEY,