The future of Gather is intertwined with its community. 🍇

For now, the Gather Community is comprised of the unofficial user communities listed on this page. Some are based on geography or common language, but all are united by a love of a Gather and a desire to help connect people across borders. These communities are all run by volunteers, and even if they are not officially endorsed by Gather, we help out where we can. 🙌

In the long term, we will be experimenting with ways of involving the Community even further. There are some interesting new ways modern companies can share their success with their communities, so stay tuned. 🚀

Have a suggestion? Email us at [email protected]!

How to get involved?

Unofficial Gather Communities:

Join the community-led Gather Enthusiasts Discord Server:

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Join the unofficial subreddit here:

Gather * r/gathertown

Check out the unofficial Wiki project here:

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